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Triadic Agreements

The GICS Triadic Agreements are the official discipline policy of GICS. They are limits for safe, respectful and responsible behavior for the GICS community (students, parents, and staff). They also outline the consequences for student behavior that is outside of the school’s limits.

The Triadic Agreements support the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) attitudes and the IB Learner Profile. At the core of the GICS Triadic Agreements are the Universal Agreements. 

A Universal Agreements: At GICS, we are safe, respectful, and responsible citizens of the world. As an internationally minded community, we

  • cooperate by working and playing as a team.
  • communicate to solve problems by listening and sharing our feelings.
  • listen with open-minds and speak with respect.
  • show empathy when we interact with others.
  • follow adults’ directions respectfully.
  • appreciate our learning environment by using materials in safe and appropriate ways.
  • have integrity by following the agreements.

In addition to the Universal Agreements, GICS has limits regarding appropriate behavior in specific setting, e.g., lunch, recess, and assemblies. When students disregard the Universal Agreements or other school or classroom limits teachers utilize Discipline Steps to help students reflect on their actions and adjust their behavior. In case of a serious offense the teacher may send the student to the administrator at any time.

The Discipline Steps are based on the positive discipline philosophy. In a positive discipline environment, the focus is on solutions that are reasonable, related to the concern, and respectful of everyone involved. The goal is to create a safe and caring learning environment, one in which risk-taking, critical thinking, and other attributes of the IB Learner Profile can grow and develop.

Parents are encouraged to adapt these strategies for use at home and thereby strengthen the home-school connection. You can find out more about the Discipline Steps and the Triadic Agreements by downloading the complete document below.

Please view the attached Triadic Agreement.