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Volunteer Opportunities

“Everybody gives” is integral to the Goethe International Charter School (GICS) culture. Volunteering is inherent in the school’s creation, its day-to-day success, and to its far-reaching future.  The families who become involved in GICS understand the enormous value of coming together, to offer individually unique talents for the benefit of one very important recipient, our school — or in reality, our children.

Each year, every GICS parent is encouraged to commit to donating at least 5 hours per month. Those 5 hours could mean contributing professional expertise, behind-the-scenes coordination or even simple - but vital - labor.  The point is, everyone has something to give, and that “something” has the power to make a difference in our school.

Please track your volunteer hours via www.volieportal.com. Volunteer hours are tallied and used to show the overall parent participation for the school. This information is assessed by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and helps our charter renewal efforts and in granting additional money for our school. 


Volunteer Opportunities at Goethe International Charter School:

Room Parent 

Each class/teacher has (a) room parent(s) for the school year. The room parent is an important communication point-person for the class, acting as a key link between the teacher, administration and the families in your child’s class. At the discretion of your child’s teacher, you are encouraged to share this job with a co-room parent.

This volunteer job is for you if: you can commit to it for a full school year, like being in the “information” stream of class news and activities, are comfortable contacting fellow parents via phone and email and are willing to keep the accounts for class activities. Keep in mind that this being a room parent is a joint decision between you and the teacher. The teacher makes the final decision.

Contact: Goethe Parent Association (GPA) Room Parent Coordinator


Classroom Helper 

As a classroom helper, you may assist the teacher in daily lessons, art projects, organization, homework etc. But you will also have the privilege of witnessing Goethe International Charter School’s project-based learning first hand. This volunteer job can be one day a week, or more depending on your availability and the teacher’s needs.

This volunteer job is for you if: you have free time during the school day, can prepare materials at home, enjoy working with children, are comfortable with a variety of tasks, and are interested in playing a support role to a teacher. Keep in mind that the teacher has the final say in all decisions.

Contact: GPA Volunteer Coordinator and your child’s teacher.


Classroom Cleaning

The classroom is where everything happens, it needs to be clean, and everyone wants to pitch in: teachers, parents, and our students. The GPA is offering cleaning supplies in the hope that when cleaning is the goal, the tools are there to lend a helping hand.  Classroom cleaning is only offered after school and is at the discretion of the teacher.


Field Trip Chaperone 

Field trips are important learning experiences for our kids. In order to conduct safe and successful field trips, the teachers must have a number of adults willing to chaperone their classes.

This volunteer job is for you if: you are available during the school day, are interested in the field trip activity, can be counted on to arrive on time and be responsible for the kids assigned to you.

Contact: GPA Volunteer Coordinator and your child’s teacher.


Event Support, Set Up & Take Down

It takes an army of volunteers to put on a major school event. If you are a working parent and can’t volunteer during school hours, helping with set up, support during an event or helping take down at one of our weekend events could be a great way to get your hours in.

This volunteer job is for you if: you can only volunteer on the weekends, have a truck or minivan (would be a bonus), like to work with a team, would like to get to know other GICS parents.

Contact: GPA Volunteer Coordinator and The Event Chair.


Are there volunteer jobs that can be done from home? 

Yes! Throughout the year there are projects and tasks that can be done from home, including writing articles for the school newsletter, contributing to the GICS website and helping with projects that involve reaching out to school families or others in the community via phone or email.  At any given time, our school is comprised of a mix of parents who are artists, accountants, musicians, craftsman, computer geeks, writers, photographers, architects, chefs, or those with other skills and expertise. We believe everyone has something valuable to offer.  Contact the GPA Volunteer Coordinator, and let her/him know what you have to offer, and we will do our best to help you “get in where you fit in.”



There are so many ways to gain volunteer hours once you start thinking about how to contribute to our school community. One such way is by showing up and participating in GICS workshops and school-wide informational meetings. These meetings take place several times during the year and your attendance counts toward your volunteer hours! It is very important to us that our families attend these forums.

For an ongoing list of volunteer opportunities, please be sure to read the GICS Weekly Newsletter delivered to your email inbox every Thursday evening.