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Running Club

The Running Club encompasses a worldly view and a balanced lifestyle that aligns with International Baccalaureate (IB) principles. We all run as a collective team, rising to the challenge of "Running Around the World". A student can run 1 mile or 100 miles and know that he/she made a contribution to the group. We celebrate as a team at the end of each school year. As the children accumulate sticks from the daily Running Club (10 sticks equal 1 mile), they will turn them in to the classroom teachers. All sticks are then counted towards a specific “milestone".

The circumference of the world is approximately 25,000 miles / 40,000 kilometers. Our major milestones to celebrate along the "trip" are:  

  1.    5,000 miles (approximately 1/5 of the way around the world) = 25 "feet" on our school map  
  2.  10,000 miles (approximately 2/5 of the way around the world) = 50 "feet" on our school map  
  3.  15,000 miles (approximately 3/5 of the way around the world) = 75 "feet" on our school map  
  4.  20,000 miles (approximately 4/5 of the way around the world) = 100 "feet" on our school map  
  5.  25,000 miles (our final goal!) = 125 "feet" on our school map


Please motivate your child / children to participate so that we, as a team, can "Run Around the World" and stay fit. Parents are encouraged to join their children.   


Running Club Schedule

7:50 AM          Gates open, and students may access the blacktop for running club.
8:00 AM          Final lap occurs with warning whistle.
8:05 AM          Running Club ends. Students line up and parents leave blacktop area.
8:10 AM          Students leave for class.